a ghost like appeared in the wind Qing children in front of... How are you Looking at that appeared in front, even the clothes are not broken Xiao Yan, the wind Qinger s cheek, and instantly into the horror of the color , but also do not wait for her to attack again, a palm, is in its eyes Pupil fast zoom. Snapped Crisp applause, suddenly sounded on the Shitai, immediately the crowd is to see the wind Qinger s stature, Red Hat Linux it exam inverted fly out, and finally plug the ground, down shot out Red Hat Linux of a hundred meters just slowly Of the original.a blown broke the Qiaolian, at the moment by a blood red palm printed with a perfect cover, a trace of blood, hanging in the mouth, cheeks, the remnants of the incredible color. She was actually directly to Xiao Yan a slap to play the hearts and minds of the dizzy in the past. No matter how your strength is coming, but it is not their own, crooked... eyes looked at the distant figure indifferent, Xiao Yan s voice, calm the slightest waves, strength, always Only their own practice from the reliable, even if the original Xiao yan won the RedHat Certification inheritance of Xiao Xuan, but he did not crazy to enhance their own strength, but the fight to fight the dead, but the wind down well, but is to fight Life of the upgrad

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
EX336 JBoss Certified Application Administrator Exam RedHat Red Hat Linux
RH131 Red Hat Linux System Administration (RH131) RedHat Red Hat Linux
RH253 RedHat Linux Networking and Security Administration RedHat Red Hat Linux